East Gippsland

Bio: I'm edging ever closer to 40, am adopted, no kids, have a housemate, two furkids, a job I love, I love to cook and experiment in my kitchen when I'm able, I have chronic fatigue which means my house is untidy, I'm starting a business and entering into a business partnership with a wonderful local business owner... and I struggle with the urge to cut all my hair off on about a weekly basis. I love to read, went swimming for the first time in I think 10 years on Monday 27th January 2014 (save the date people!!) and it was glorious! I'm a cancerian (star sign) and I am so true to my sign it's bizarre. I'm told I'm funny, generous, silly, brilliant - after that I had to tell the dog to stop as I'd get too big a head haha. I guess I'm opinionated, passionate, driven, direct (sometimes too direct), and I have a big heart which has, throughout my life, taken quite a stomping from friends, family, people who took me for granted. I like to try find the silver lining about every situation and if I can't, I crawl into bed till it goes away (yes, I know, I need to grow up).

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